How I Work

The What and Why

In order to meditate well, we need to take care of ourselves physically and emotionally.

For this reason, each session takes into account what's happening for you physically, mentally, and emotionally. When we take care of all three of these aspects of the self, love and connection come naturally. 

The How

I offer a range of compassion practices to address various emotions, and mindfulness practices to increase presence and clarity of mind.  

As a yoga teacher with over 1,000 hours of registered training, I often incorporate carefully chosen yoga postures or gentle breathing. Thoughtfully applied yoga is extraordinarily effective in opening the mind and heart. In fact, yoga poses were traditionally used as preparation for meditation. 

My approach is deeply responsive to each individual, and attuned to what's at hand.


Introductory Consultation: 60 - 75 mins, $125.  Here we begin to get to know each other.  After a guided relaxation, we will practice a mediation specifically chosen for you based on our conversation. For takeaways, I offer simple, easy-to-apply suggestions, including a short, personalized meditation for you to practice at home.

Continuing Sessions: 60 mins, $185, with available sliding scale. Some clients choose to meet weekly, others every couple of months. In short, we are building a highly individual relationship; the content and frequency of the sessions reflect this. Paying the full range of my sliding scale enables me to work with people with fewer resources.


Most appointments are near Union Square, NYC.  Skype sessions are available, although it's ideal if we can also meet in person from time to time.


Appointments cancelled within 48 hours must be paid in full. If I am able to reschedule you that same week, there will be no charge.