How I Work

What's a session like?

The basis of our session is connecting. You share what's going on for you, and I ask questions to better understand. Getting to know you personally allows me to recommend an approach that's truly suited to you. 


There's no "one size fits all" for the mind and heart. In my tradition, meditation and healing are ideally explored through one-on-one conversation. It's how we learn and grow best. 

 How Do you work?

My approach is uniquely tailored to each individual, and therefore flexible. I help people find meaningful connection in ways that are compatible with their needs, interests, and personality.  For example, I might recommend a special compassion meditation.  Or a walking in nature meditation. Often, I'll share some Buddhist psychology or philosophy. 

Based on our conversation, I might also refer you to another healer. I have a  stellar network  of acupuncturists, psychotherapists, massage therapists, and herbalists that I work with. I believe in a truly integrative approach to healing, and I love connecting people. 

As a yoga teacher with over 1,000 hours of registered training, I sometimes suggest specific yoga postures or gentle breathing. The key to an enjoyable meditation practice is in the body. I might also suggest supportive herbs.

Sessions are both stimulating and relaxing, information packed, and all about addressing the whole person: physically, mentally, and emotionally. This is what true spirituality looks like. 


60 mins, $200 with available sliding scale.  In the first session, we  begin get to know each and I offer accessible tips and suggestions that you can implement right away, including a personalized meditation. 

In follow-up sessions, the healing approach unfolds as our relationship deepens and we build on material and practices.  Some clients choose to meet weekly, others once a month. The frequency is entirely up to you.  


Most appointments are near Union Square, NYC.  Skype sessions are available, although it's ideal if we can meet in person from time to time.


Appointments cancelled within 48 hours must be paid in full. If I am able to reschedule you that same week, there will be no charge.