corporate programs &  Private Coaching


The essentials of Meditation

A 4-Part Course in Mindfulness and Compassion. Highly informative and thought-provoking, THE ESSENTIALS OF MEDITATION is an ideal way to begin a meditation practice, or to deepen and contextualize an existing practice.  This course covers step-by-step instruction in focus, awareness, and compassion practices, and includes personalized posture tips, recorded meditations, and selected readings. THE ESSENTIALS OF MEDITATION  is available as a corporate program, or by private appointment.  This course will also be offered publicly in October, 2017. 


Meditation for emotional Intelligence / EQ Coaching

Sessions includes techniques for increasing self awareness, compassionate communication guidelines, exercises to identify triggers, personalized check-in strategies, and meditations to increase positive mental states such as empathy and joy. One-on-one sessions or specialized corporate programs.