Kind Words

Megan Mook is a deeply skilled teacher. What I didn't know when I first hired Megan to work with my company was that I was connecting with an incredible source of wisdom that would spark personal growth for years to come. Megan's knowledge, skills, and abilities as a teacher are matched by her clarity of thought, humor, and communication. Working with Megan is simultaneously grounding and enlightening. She is super approachable and warm. I can't say enough good things about working with Megan Mook!

Dara Blumenthal, Ph.D, Head of Strategy and Culture, Live Grey

I'm most grateful for Megan's vulnerability and curiosity as a teacher. Her classes often feel like an exploration, and while Megan is a fearless guide, she's also capable of pointing out things that strike her as new and exciting. Megan's meditations are both challenging and gentle, and with her, I am continuously reminded that practice DOES NOT make perfect, but practice DOES help us see and deal with our own shit. After more than a year of consistent practice with Megan, I carry her voice with me in moments of both chaos and delight, to hear her offer either a tender word or a full-throated "YES!"

Neil D'Astolfo, NYC

Megan gathers our emotions, comfortable and otherwise, and guides us towards a poetics of awareness. 

Contemplation, we learn, is tender play. To play is to heal.

Gently, she encourages us to see and feel points of transition between contemplation and action: moments where language is embodied.

And, so, we learn to consider one another. Herein lies the core of Megan’s teaching. She emphasizes connection and consideration: we explore ourselves in order to connect with others; we consider our hearts in order to understand others’.

Her words have integrity. Pieced together with architectural intelligence, Megan’s language is spacious, intellectual, heartfelt, and lasting. Her process reveals itself as quick/excited and slow/deliberate as she negotiates between opposites, and language extends from mind to body as she articulates thought and emotion through gesture. She teaches the mind-body connection by example.

Megan’s person is soft but edgy. She bares her humanity generously—revealing her so-called ‘dingy’ thoughts alongside sweetness and empathy. She doesn’t other imperfections, nor does she other her students.

In her heart, we’re all tender humans.

Peonia, NYC